Newcastle Innovation Minerals

Our Research Partners

Delivering on our mandate is quite daunting and overwhelming. In the quest to delivering on them, we have developed a collaborative framework. Thus, over time, we have developed qualitative partnerships with institutions and bodies that are quite strategic to the achievement of our objectives. They include:

Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment

One of our most amazing partnerships is with the University of Newcastle’s Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment. The faculty is one of the top faculties in the field of environment, engineering, and related issues in the whole of Australia. However, beyond the Australian continent, the faculty is especially noted for its leadership standing in engineering research and development.

The faculty is particularly recognised for creating an environment that lets research thrive. As a result, the faculty is a notable hub for the best researchers in engineering in Australia and the environs. This has led to staff members doing ground-breaking work that attracts quality funding and puts these staff members at the forefront of their industry.

As a result of these, the faculty is a major hub that attracts outside participants. The faculty has been able to work with several players in the engineering, manufacturing, and industrial spaces. These partnerships aim to implement academic and theoretical studies to develop and deploy solutions to improve general society.

The culture of excellence that drives the faculty doesn’t end with members of staff. It also spreads to the students. As a result of being educated by some of the best in the field, the students who come out of the faculty are invariably some of the best amongst their counterparts. These students have formed ready but highly qualified human resources ready to impact the industry and society.

Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER)

The Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER) goal is to proffer solutions to issues surrounding energy and sustainability. This institute is the first and only of its kind in Australia and environs and one of the very few worldwide.

In delivering on its mandate of developing and deploying quality research around energy and resource use issues, the NIER has committed resources to human, physical, and infrastructure development. This is evident in its flagship Newcastle Research Laboratories, located close to the Callaghan campus of the University of Newcastle. This laboratory is huge in terms of physical size and the quality of its impact on Australian society. A good number of the innovations surrounding energy were developed here.

The institute is crucial to various government and private sector initiatives surrounding clean energy, energy production, energy efficiency, carbon emission reduction, and climate change. Our partnership with NIER enables us to tap into its vast reach, resources, and intellectual capital. All of these are crucial to achieving our goals and objectives.

Priority Research Centre for Advanced Particle Processing and Transport

The Priority Research Centre for Advanced Particle Processing and Transport aims to proffer solutions to some of the most far-reaching problems of the mineral and mining industry. With the problems solved by the Centre in the past, the industry has been able to boost its efficiency and reduce crucial materials waste.

The Priority Research Centre’s work is quite important to the overall strength, stability, and even growth and development of the Australian economy. This is because the mining industry for which it proffers solutions is the highest contributor to Australia’s exports and a significant earner for the government.