Newcastle Innovation Minerals

Available Investment Opportunities

With our research commercialisation drive, we have developed some products that may have investment capabilities. Some of these products include:

Parallel Conveyor Sampler

The conveyor belt is used for many applications all over the world. Machines that use conveyor belts are needed all over the world for various manufacturing and conveying purposes. These belts power the making and movement of a lot of materials every year.

However, one thing we require is regular sampling. This is because we have a problem with ensuring quality. The sampling is needed to ensure quality control so that quality products are produced.

But the conveyor belt sampler was introduced to boost the safety and quality of the manufacturing and conveying of products. 

The belt sampler’s configurations include a hydraulic ram which helps redirect materials being conveyed into what is known as the impact belt. What the impact belt does next is to move the materials onto a sampling belt, which has a weight meter built within. This sampling belt runs several sampling processes through the product, after which it is returned to the conveyor belt.

The market opportunity for the belt sampler is huge. Any industry that has anything to do with conveyor belts will need this ground-breaking technology. These industries range from manufacturing to mining and even agriculture. Concerning location, the market need for the product is also global.

Benefits of Using the Belt Sampler

This conveyor belt sampler is a major game-changer in the process of manufacturing and conveying manufactured goods. They help to ensure the following:


The conveyor belt sampler removes the need for a manual sampling of products. This way, people in charge of the products don’t have to put their safety on the line, all in the bid to ensure product quality.


With the conveyor belt sampler, manual sampling is removed, and automated sampling is introduced. With this, a lot of time is saved, and the sampling process is done much faster. This faster sampling helps to improve the overall product-making process as it is done much faster. 

Commercial Success

With improved efficiency, time is saved. The time saved means that more products are produced per time. This leads to higher production volumes, which leads to bigger sales and then leads to much better revenue.

Also, improved efficiency leads to lower costs of production for the business. This means that more money is saved, and the business can deploy the saved funds as investment capital. This leads to even better business performance.

Apart from the conveyor belt sampler, there are other products that we have developed or are in the process of deploying, include the Dust Minimising Chute and Cantilevered Tube Rollers. 

Dust Minimising Chute

Every day, there are growing concerns surrounding the threat that our daily activities pose to our environment. Notable amongst these activities are industrial activities and processes. These industrial processes lead to the release of chemicals, dust, and other materials. These are not only very harmful to the immediate environment but, more importantly, to the people who come in contact with them.

This led us to undertake thorough research to produce the Dust Minimising Chute. This chute greatly reduces the amount of dust that is released during ship loading.

Cantilevered Tube Idle Rollers (CTIR)

Another conveyor belt product, the CTIR, is used to transport heavy materials using the conveyor belt. With this, idler rollers don’t have to contact a lot of dust and water that may lead to wear and tear.