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The Tundra Bulk Solids

Tundra Bulk Solids (TBS) has been a top-notch provider of high-quality research surrounding the handling of bulk solid materials. The company was founded as far back as 1975, and since then, it has been involved in countless projects delivering high-quality work to clients in over 40 countries. The processes delivered by TBS have been noted to be much cheaper and very innovative. Tundra Bulk Solids have been noted both locally and globally. 

Its services include:


Tundra Bulk Solids has deployed top-quality consulting work for several clients over the years. Tundra has been noted to be a leader in the engineering and process consulting business. This is because it has exhibited top-notch expertise in the field. It has deployed this expertise in helping clients solve technical and operational problems we face in business. These include processing, conveying, and handling heavy-duty materials.

Product Development

Tundra Bulk Solids has put in several years of research into the industrial process spaces in general and the conveying space in particular. They have worked with several clients covering a wide range of countries. We must note that these clients cover an array of industries from light-duty to heavy-duty ones.

They have clients in areas such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, and food processing. They, however, feature heavily in heavy industries such as the processing of minerals.

In all of these times, they have developed deep insights into the industry. They have become aware of what clients across all types of industries need and then engaged in releasing products that companies can use. These products are usually produced in conjunction with various companies and institutions, with investors committing funds to these product development projects. 


Tundra Bulk Solids is involved in the creation and distribution of high-quality products that clients need. Furthermore, Tundra offers bespoke consulting services to a wide range of companies with a variety of problems. For each of these problems, Tundra is known to deploy innovative, but more importantly, tailored solutions to solve each client’s needs.

To do all of the above, there is a need for investing in high-quality research. We have invested a lot of human, financial, intellectual, and material resources in these research works.


To further its goals of being a top-notch provider of result-oriented solutions to various clients, Tundra engages in quality partnerships. These partnerships involve relationships with various companies, research institutions, regulatory bodies, and much more.

One notable partnership the organisation entered into was with the University of Johannesburg, based in South Africa. With this agreement, Tundra Bulk Solids was able to widen the scope of its international expansion. The agreement led to the formation of a brand in Africa.

Versatility and Thorough Service Delivery

Tundra Bulk Solids is far from being the average company involved in engineering consulting. The company has invested a lot in distinguishing itself. One way in which it performs far above others is the thoroughness with which it delivers its job. At Tundra, every client is different. We deploy their expertise to solve the needs of each client. They are also versatile. We can provide services across industries.