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The Reflux Classifier

The Reflux Classifier has been noted to be a game-changer in the mining and minerals processing industry. This is because of the many benefits that this new ground-breaking technology portends for the overall mining space.

At its core, the Reflux Classifier is a gravity separator that was specifically developed to bring about finer materials in mineral processing. During refining minerals, a lot of fine materials are usually generated, depending on the materials or minerals that are being processed. There is a need for these fine materials to be given top-quality fineness and smoothness, but this sadly is not always the case. This is just one of the problems that the Reflux Classifier was designed to solve.

One unique factor in the Reflux Classifier is that it features a framework of what may be referred to as inclined channels alongside some overflow launders. These launders are placed within the Classifier. The Lamella Settler houses all of these. The design features do not end there. One other notable features include:

Dense Medium Separator

This separates materials that are slightly fine but do not have high-quality fineness.

Fluidised Bed Separator

The main aim of this is to look out for semi-fluids or slightly moist materials.

The Reflux Classifier works because there is an inlet at the top of the Classifier that materials to be processed pass through. These materials are sifted through what is known as a projection screen. The job of the protection screen is to remove any solid dirt or debris. By removing this debris, the Classifier prevents damage to key areas of the processing facility that are averse to such dirt, especially the ceramic valve below it.

Then, solids that are high in density are sent to a slightly wet bed. This fluidised bed is created by injecting some water below the mixing chamber.

Lighter particles that can harm the entire processing are treated with greater care. We are not allowed to settle but are carried by water into the launders and then dumped away from the Classifier. This prevention of the settling of smaller, slightly fine particles can lead to damage for the entire processing facility if we are allowed to accumulate unchecked.

Benefits of the Reflux Classifier

There are several benefits that the Reflux Classifier offers to users. These include:


One of the most important functions that the Reflux Classifier plays is automating the entire separation process. With this, companies get to abandon the old model where we use manual techniques to undertake separation.

Better, Faster Processes

The Reflux Classifier leads to much better business processes. This is due to the automation that is coming to one of the most important steps in overall processing, that is, the separation of unneeded Materials and particles. Businesses can get to get things done faster and much seamlessly.

Business Efficiency and Productivity

As a result of the faster process of doing things, business efficiency is boosted. Businesses can get more done in a shorter time, which means their outputs will greatly increase, especially compared to the past.