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Control System Technology

Control System Tech is a leading manufacturer of implements, tools, and technology, especially those surrounding conveying and transport processes. With offices spread across Australia, CST, as it is popularly called, develops Made-in-Australia technology that can stand anywhere in the world. Its quality is reflected in some of the products that it has built. We discuss some here, with particular emphasis on the Model MaVIS-ICS-ARM.


One of the most important things done in the entire engineering and production is the measurement of the material that is being produced. Doing this measurement is quite important for several reasons. For one, it helps the product makers to ascertain things such as price.

Also, during transportation and distribution, there is a need for the measurements to be done. The key things measured include height, length, width, and, more importantly, weight.

There is a need for efficient systems for making these measurements, especially one that is tech-enabled. Tech and electronics-based systems have been much better, faster, and more efficient than manual ways of doing things. To make this a reality, Control System Tech has gone on to undergo thorough research to see the production of a “smart” weight measurement device designed specifically for production purposes. 

This is known as the Model MaVIS-ICS-ARM. The “ICS” in MaVIS-ICS-ARM stands for “Intelligent Cargo Scale.” The Model MaVIS-ICS-ARM features among the most innovative weighting technology you can ever find around. The Model MaVIS-ICS-ARM helps ensure that moving products are properly weighed while completely making the process automated and thoroughly seamless. 

The Model MaVIS-ICS-ARM include up to 3 belt weights and up to 3 bin scales. There are automatic flow controllers to automate the control of the movement of products across the Model MaVIS-ICS-ARM.

Then there is a colour touchscreen that serves as the user interface. From here, users can get to make settings on how they want the Model MaVIS-ICS-ARM to work. Another physical feature the Model MaVIS-ICS-ARM possesses is a strong and quality build. Its main body is made with mild steel, making it tough enough to withstand wear and tear.

Benefits of Using the Model MaVIS-ICS-ARM

There are bountiful benefits of using the Model MaVIS-ICS-ARM. These include:


With the Model MaVIS-ICS-ARM, the human involvement in weighing materials or cargo, especially bulk materials, is completely removed. Now a very “smart” device is taking over. 


The Model MaVIS-ICS-ARM is regarded as “intelligent” because it is built with technology that almost makes it independent of human intervention or meddling. The systems are built so that humans do not need to affect a lot of control to perform their job. For instance, laser scanners have imputed that help internally perform several functions, including measuring bulk density.

Volumetric Laser Scanner

With the Volumetric Laser Scanner, users can monitor and watch the material volume, surcharge angles, and much more, all in real-time. You can also use the Volumetric scanner alongside a Weightometer to get information surrounding total volume and mass.


Control System Tech created an array of tachometers to fit the various purposes for which tachometers may be used. The variants include the Embedded Roller Tachometer, the Precision Pre-calibrated Tachometer, the SCP Tachometer. The role of the Tachometer is found in the measurement of belt travel along the conveyor.