Newcastle Innovation Minerals

Our Capabilities

The Business Development Team at the Newcastle Innovation offers a wide range of services surrounding the commercialisation of research. These services are offered to the partners and associates of the University of Newcastle, and we are always open to starting relationships with even more partners.

Why We Offer Research Commercialisation Services

At the Newcastle Innovation, we believe that there should be close synergy between academia and society. This partnership generates many benefits, not only for us but also for businesses and the general public and the economy. Some of those benefits are outlined here:

Innovation for Good

At the Newcastle Innovation, we believe that we exist for the betterment of society. We are committed to deep and thorough research. These research works are directed at solving some of the basic and most pressing needs of society.

We believe that this innovation should not be for mere academic studies but directed at finding solutions to big societal issues. We are also aimed at advancing the frontiers of humanity.

As a result, we have committed to deploying all of these innovations to better society. We do this by partnering with businesses that need these innovations to deploy them to the betterment of others. With this, we are directly and indirectly contributing to helping society develop.

Development of the Economy

By partnering with businesses and organisations, we are also contributing to the economy’s growth and development. This is based on our belief that businesses of various sizes are engines of economic growth and development. Economic growth and development are powered by innovation.

Companies need innovation to keep growing. We need innovation to generate new ideas and convert such ideas into new services. We then deploy these services for commercial benefits to their customers.

However, most businesses lack the tools for innovation. For one, they necessarily don’t have the intellectual capacity to be able to carry out research. But as most people will agree, research is the backbone of innovation. Since we can carry out the research and generate innovation, we partner with businesses that need innovation.

With this innovation that we give businesses access to, they can generate more value for customers. This value leads to more earnings and, therefore, commercial success. This commercial success leads to better economic growth.

Proper Deployment of Human Capital

One more benefit is the proper deployment of human capital. These fresh innovations will bring about the need for new business lines. These new business lines will require the deployment of various forms of resources. One of the most important of those resources is human capital. When human capital is deployed, it will lead to proper use. Also, it will boost employment. Better employment will improve economic growth and development.