Newcastle Innovation Minerals

About Us

Newcastle Innovation has been a top-notch provider of high-quality research and product development activities, especially in the field of engineering for mining and other heavy-duty equipment. Closely affiliated with the University of Newcastle, we have, over the years, gathered deep industry knowledge and insights and have deployed this in offering some of the services we do offer.

Top-Quality Partnerships

To further its goals of being a top-notch think tank in commercial engineering, Newcastle Innovation has been able to develop quality partnerships all over the world. These partnerships involve relationships with individuals such as academia, various companies, research institutions, and much more.

Some of those partnerships are quite notable. We have entered into a very cordial and close working relationship with the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment of the University of Newcastle. This faculty is regarded as one of the best globally in terms of research and its human resources quality.

Then, we have the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER) that aims to proffer solutions to issues surrounding energy and sustainability. This institute is the first and only of its kind in Australia and environs and one of the very few worldwide. These top-notch partnerships have led to several breakthroughs, especially in product development.

Product Development and Commercialisation

The Newcastle Innovation and its faculty have committed several years of research into the industrial processes spaces in general and the conveying space. We have worked with several institutions, including companies in the industry. This includes entities far away from Australia.

As a result of these, we have developed deep insights into the industry. We have become utmostly aware of what businesses yearn for and then engaged in producing such solutions in the form of physical items. Being a non-profit, it cannot engage in commercialising its efforts.

We, however, receive aggressive bids from companies to partner with us to take these innovations to the market for the general, broader market. With this, the innovation gets to see the light of the day.

Solving Difficult Problems

At Newcastle Innovation, we believe that we exist for the betterment of society. We are committed to deep and thorough research. These research works are directed at solving some of the basic and most pressing needs of society. We believe that this innovation should not be for mere academic studies but directed at finding solutions to big societal issues. We are also aimed at advancing the frontiers of humanity.

As a result, we have committed to deploying all of these innovations to better society. We do this by partnering with businesses that need these innovations to deploy them to the betterment of others. With this, we are directly and indirectly contributing to helping society develop.


To do all of the above, there is a need for investing in high-quality research. We have invested a lot of human, financial, intellectual, and material resources in these research works. Research is the backbone of what we do at Newcastle Innovation.