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Top-notch Provider of High-quality Research

Newcastle Innovation has been a top-notch provider of high-quality research and product development activities, especially in the field of engineering for mining and other heavy-duty equipment. Closely affiliated with the University of Newcastle, we have, over the years, gathered deep industry knowledge and insights and have deployed this in offering some of the services we do offer.

Our Capabilities

The Business Development Team at the Newcastle Innovation offers a wide range of services surrounding the commercialisation of research. These services are offered to the partners and associates of the University of Newcastle, and we are always open to starting relationships with even more partners.

Our Research Partners

Delivering on our mandate is quite daunting and overwhelming. In the quest to delivering on them, we have developed a collaborative framework. Thus, over time, we have developed qualitative partnerships with institutions and bodies that are quite strategic to the achievement of our objectives.

Available Investment Opportunities

With our research commercialisation drive, we have developed some products that may have investment capabilities.

Industry-Leading Manufacturers

Tundra Bulk Solids

Tundra Bulk Solids (TBS) has been a top-notch provider of high-quality research surrounding the handling of bulk solid materials. The company was founded as far back as 1975, and since then, it has been involved in countless projects delivering high-quality work to clients in over 40 countries.

Our Partners

Jameson Cell

Jameson Cell is a top-intensity flotation cell aimed at creating better, faster, and more efficient floating systems. It was created by Graeme Jameson, a renowned laureate professor at the University of Newcastle located in Australia. The ground-breaking cell resulted from a partnership with a then fast-growing mining firm, Mount Isa Mines Limited. Mount Isa Mines has since been absorbed by one of the biggest mining conglomerates globally, that is, Glencore.

Reflux Classifier

The Reflux Classifier has been noted to be a game-changer in the mining and minerals processing industry. This is because of the many benefits that this new ground-breaking technology portends for the overall mining space. At its core, the Reflux Classifier is a gravity separator that was specifically developed to bring about finer materials in mineral processing.

Bulk Material Handling

Bulk Material Handling can simply be referred to as an area of engineering whose aim is to develop tools applied in the handling and conveying of produce. This covers both the raw and the already processed. The type of products that bulk material handling focuses on is, just as the name suggests, bulk materials.

Control System Tech

Control System Tech is a leading manufacturer of implements, tools, and technology, especially those surrounding conveying and transport processes. With offices spread across Australia, CST, as it is popularly called, develops Made-in-Australia technology that can stand anywhere in the world. Its quality is reflected in some of the products that it has built.

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