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Newcastle Innovation connects industry with the latest in minerals processing technology, minerals research, engineering research and bulk materials handling.

Harnessing the world leading capabilities of the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER) and the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment at the University of Newcastle, Newcastle Innovation's consulting and contracted research services provide industry with solutions to:

  • Optimise the performance of existing processes
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Maintain a competitive edge through the use of novel and innovative minerals processing technology and through leading minerals research

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Newcastle Innovation supports research commercialisation, technology transfer and services to industry across a broad range of areas including:

Excellence made possible by innovative research

Newcastle Innovation's successful track record in technology transfer and commercialisation in minerals processing technology, minerals research and engineering research is made possible through its strategic relationship with the University of Newcastle.

The Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment is one of the leading faculties of its kind in Australia and is internationally recognised for an outstanding research record in minerals processing technology and minerals research, which places its engineering schools among the best in Australia.

This research-intensive environment has helped to attract a high standard of academic research staff from throughout Australia and around the world. Many of staff are leaders in their fields, carrying out internationally recognised work in pure and applied minerals research that invariably attracts high levels of funding.

Through collaborative research the Faculty works with Newcastle Innovation in forging partnerships with industry and professionals. These interactions with industry bring real world technology issues into research laboratories, helping to maintain a 'forward looking' approach to education and research.

Access to world-class facilities

NIER is located at the former BHP-Billiton Newcastle Technology Centre adjacent to the University of Newcastle’s Callaghan campus. NIER is housed in a world-class research facility with extensive mineral, chemical and related technical laboratories, workshops, offices and five industrial-scale pilot plant workshops.

Newcastle Innovation division TUNRA Bulk Solids facilitates industry access to specialist test facilities and an extensive range of materials testing, storage, flow and handling services and storage system design.

Work with us

We invite you to explore the minerals processing technology and minerals research capabilities supported by Newcastle Innovation.

We are always looking for new business partners, so if your business requires the development of minerals related technology, is experiencing a technology challenge or has a bright idea, we would be please to talk with you.

In addition to our minerals processing technology and minerals research, Newcastle Innovation also promotes expertise in the areas of clean coal research, mineral carbonation, smart grid technology, health and medical research commercialisation, asthma and respiratory disease research, clinical trial management and science and information technology.